The Winning Strategy that Takes Your Amazon PPC from Basic to Master 

If you’ve been selling on Amazon, or Amazon PPC (also called Amazon Sponsored Ads), you already know it’s the go-to for fulfilling your overall eCommerce performance. Amazon PPC can greatly improve Amazon sales, but managing it well is not always that easy. Most Marketing Managers struggle to keep up with even the latest spending strategies on Amazon due to everchanging profit benchmarks and algorithms.

I’m sure you’ve tried to upgrade your advertising skills by utilizing numerous tutorials and webinars online that show you how to improve PPC performance. But few can sum it up and present the entirety of its strategy in a simple and relevant way.

Based on Anker’s 10-year successful experience on Amazon, Oceanwing has created and implemented a “3-Phase Strategy” that helps brands grow from beginners to BEST SELLERS time and time again. And we want to share this secret with you.

Amazon PPC as an SEO tool

In conjunction with your PPC advertising campaign, we created 3 stages that allow organic traffic to increase until it surpasses paid traffic.

This picture shows the transition of the 3 stages for a certain product based on our past experiences.

To better help understand this strategy, this is the detailed method:

The “3-Phase Strategy” is based on Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Before we share Oceanwing’s Amazon PPC “3-Phase Strategy”, let’s look at the fundamentals of Amazon ads — the A9 Algorithm. 

The A9 Algorithm is the system Amazon uses to determine where products are ranked in search results. Similar to the algorithm which Google uses for its search results. However, the key difference is the A9 algorithm also places and drives a strong emphasis on sales conversions. 

For instance, by converting more traffic to your listing page utilizing strategic keywords, organic traffic will increase. This is how we conduct our “3-Phase Strategy” and set clear milestones for each stage for our clients.


Phase 1 Growth

Most brands started their Amazon PPC from this stage. At this level, brands don’t have any keyword ranking, which means the organic traffic is very low. The goal is to drive sales by investing in long-tail keywords. We call this phase “Seeking the Opportunity.”

At this stage, brand managers have to invest a lot but with low profit. The good side is that with good planning and extensive testing we could see rapid growth both in sales and ranking gradually

Tips: We recommend starting with long-tail words and brand words. More opportunities at this stage are created when long-tail and brand words are implemented in order to lay a good foundation for the next stage. 

For example, we are partnered with a nutrition brand to launch their Amazon PPC and organic traffic which increased to 25% in less than 2 months. To meet this goal, we focused on long-tail keyword research and testing. Many keywords exceeded their conversion rates, for example; grass fed collagen peptides powder.

Phase 2 Transition

At this stage, organic traffic would be closed to paid traffic. After successfully reaching our objectives on long-tail keywords, our strategy is to focus on targeting mid-tail and category trending keywords. We call this phase “Taking the Challenge.”

Now we focus on conversion rate and SEO, to guarantee organic traffic will surpass paid traffic eventually. Using our strategy from this point, you would see an increase in profits.

As you can see, we helped our nutrition brand partner increase organic traffic from 25% to 55% in only 3 months. One of the most successful mid-tail keywords for this brand was: collagen powder for women.

Phase 3 Maintenance

Congratulations! You conquered the related keywords challenge and entered into the final stage. At this stage, we call it “Check and Fix”.

Here, we aim to keep the ranking and cost of these keywords stable and ongoing in the algorithm. We will continue to provide careful monitoring as it’s important to observe and act on market fluctuations.

Team up with Oceanwing’s “3-Phase Strategy” and reach sales goals beyond your expectations. Reach out to the Oceanwing Marketing Strategy Team and watch your Amazon PPC profits soar.

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