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Vital Proteins

Through Full-Cycle Optimization, Vital Proteins Reaches #1 Category Share

How did we help Vital Proteins gain number 1 category share through full-cycle optimization?

There are over 9 million sellers on Amazon. Getting your offerings in front of the right people can be daunting. For many of our clients, visibility is a key obstacle in reaching higher growth rates and greater profits on Amazon.

Our client, Vital Proteins, was in a highly competitive category, making this common problem even more pronounced. Here’s how we solved it with full-cycle optimization.

Vital Proteins is an established, successful brand selling collagen-based products. Unfortunately, the competition was consistently edging out their offerings on Amazon. ​

Gaining visibility and traction on Amazon was a significant challenge for the company, and the strategies they were using were costing too much money with little ROI to show for it.

These issues were eating away at the company’s bottom line, but they weren’t too big for us to solve.

The Problem

Our Solution

The Results

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