The Best Practices from Prime Day 2021 Recap

Read Oceanwing’s recap of the recommended best practices for Amazon’s 2021 Prime Day. We review the data from this year’s Prime Day, share some of our personal insights for the year, and get you prepared for Prime Day 2022!

four blocks in an image except the last one have yellow background and last block have black background and each block describes Prime Day Data
First part have yellow background and write Oceanwing's 2021 Achievement Highlights and the next part describes this acheivements with icons with a background image someone typing in keyboard
Lets have a look at what we did right heading with yellow background in a corner and its top a lady searching online shopping page in her tab
A man wearing blue color shirt and jeans sitting on a sofa and writing is first part and second part describe PED with white background
first part of the image describe how to solve the unexpected situation or can not edit PED with a background of a coffee shop and second part describe how to avoid listing suppression with yellow background.
first part of the image contain a tablet with the screen of online shopping page and the next part is describing Best Deal with white background
description about DSP in white background and heading is Best Practices - Ads with yellow background
description about brand pages in yellow back ground and right side showing an image of ANKER product page
few words about Prime day in yellow background and its side mobile phone capturing image of a shooting.
short description about Best Practices - Inventory and its background a girl with long hair
description about production time with a background primeday products
Details contain PrimeDay sales in yellow background and Its right side a laptop with screen of sales graph
Laptop screen showing oceanwing site home page and right side of it shows contact us details of in yellow background

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