Our Amazon eCommerce Optimization Services

Using an effective combination of cloud-based software, our team of experienced Amazon growth hackers leverages data-based insights to accelerate sales and achieve transformative growth for our clients.

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We use a powerful data-analytics system to provide daily, refreshed Amazon marketing insights into your unique business, competitors, and the larger market landscape. With extensive, multi-channel data, we form a strategic plan to level up your business on Amazon and give your brand wings to reach more global customers.

With this service, you get:

  • Market Landscape Reports to see how profitable and viable your niche and specific products are on Amazon.
  • Market Share Tracking to effectively spy on your competitors and cinch a greater market share for your business
  • Category Opportunity Analysis for insight into any spaces in the market that you can apply for greater profit
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Make your brand store and product page visually appealing and enticing for clicks and buys with our Brand Store and Product Page Design. We’ve got a team of experienced designers, photographers, and videographers on our team chomping at the keyboard to create a superior shopping experience for your customers. We use over 2500 pages to collect data-based Amazon shopper insight to design a stunning brand store and product pages that convert.

With this service, you get:

  • Stunning, memorable Amazon Brand Store Design backed by data and shopper insight
  • Visually-appealing and enticing Amazon Product Listing Design built for conversions
  • Amazon SEO so your offerings get in front of the right people 24/7
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Oceanwing is backed by Anker Innovations, the largest Amazon third-party seller in the world. Our Amazon experts team is ready to use their decades-long experience of Amazon best practices to turbocharge your brand’s growth.

Let’s get you ahead of the game:

  • Amazon Full-Cycle Managed Service so you can do more of what you love while your products sell on autopilot, globally, 24/7
  • Pricing and Promotion strategies to sharpen your competitive edge and ensure you capitalize on every opportunity possible
  • Inventory and Fulfillment Management to protect your profit margins and guarantee excellent customer service
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Our Brand and Digital Marketing service is conversion-driven and tailored to your unique brand and target customer base. Get above industry average ROIs with the master in Amazon selling, increase your market share, and build your brand on and offsite.

You get:

  • Brand Positioning and Consumer Insight to ensure that your offerings are served up to your target customer consistently
  • Digital Performance Marketing for continuous tweaking and optimizing for results you can count on
  • On-Site and Off-Site Integrated Marketing for building a bigger, more profitable brand on and off Amazon
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It’s simple: when people like and trust you, they buy from you. But getting there isn’t so simple. That’s what our Customer Service and Relationship Management Service is for — increasing brand trust and loyalty to get you recurring revenue. Part of Anker’s success is topnotch, reliable customer service and the Voice of Customer CRM system. Work with us, and you get the same access to this secret ingredient in the Amazon success recipe.

We turn your customers into loyal fans with:

  • Managed Amazon Customer Service built to increase trust and loyalty with your consumer base
  • User Survey and Insight Analysis to guarantee that your brand meets and exceeds customer expectations always
  • Product Improvement Recommendations to further optimize and improve offerings that are guaranteed to delight your customers
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Our Logistics and Warehousing service covers 8 key Amazon markets across 11 countries. Linked with high-quality, real-time data tracking systems, our proprietary system is designed to optimize efficiency and improve costs for your business. Guarantee greater satisfaction for your customers, improve your delivery system and labor productivity with our service. Goods lost during handling or damaged en route will become drastically reduced.

What you get:

  • A Global Logistics Service to guarantee timely delivery and increase labor productivity
  • Local Warehousing Solutions to reduce shipping and warehousing costs
  • eCommerce Inventory Management for streamlined storage, reduced costs, and happier customers