Reflecting on Success in 2021

While 2021 hangs its hat on another calendar year, it’s fair to say this was one for the books. We launched our full suite of e-commerce optimization services in North America during a surging worldwide pandemic with the goal of helping brands achieve success, no matter the challenge. And there were several including a global supply chain shortage that affected most industries, leading to product shortages and unmet demand. 

Through our services, we have helped businesses across the globe achieve e-commerce success. 

During the past year, we saw tremendous strides in e-commerce strategy, adoption and innovation. Never before have brands experienced such a large advantage with the sophisticated structure of Amazon to reach consumers worldwide. We also witnessed a wave of new entrants into the e-commerce market, and while there was vast opportunity for success, many retailers were left scratching their heads as to how to survive in a frenzied and competitive online marketplace.

Oceanwing was able to open a new door for struggling retailers, providing avenues to boost bottom lines and accelerate growth. We welcomed clients such as Vital Proteins to our roster of esteemed companies, helping the brand gain #1 category growth-share through full-cycle optimization and achieve 4000 percent brand search growth volume all while saving $1 million in operational expenses. But this is just one of our many success stories resulting from our debut year in North America.

In 2022 our momentum will continue to increase as we remain true to our vision: “Provide essential Amazon selling services to advanced industries and make your company a leading brand on Amazon that customers will love.”

We are more empowered than ever to help your company achieve maximum potential as we head into the first-ever trillion-dollar year for U.S. e-commerce. We’re firing on all cylinders here at Oceanwing and can’t wait to be a part of your future success.

Happy holidays from everyone at Oceanwing!

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