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Elevating a Cellphone Brand on Amazon Amidst Product Lifecycle Challenges


In the highly competitive online marketplace, our client, the fourth largest cellphone brand on Amazon, faced a significant challenge. With 50% of their models approaching the end of their lifecycle (EOL), there was an imminent threat to their GMV. Compounding this issue was the introduction of a new flagship phone priced $200 above the average selling price (ASP) in the market. Without any offsite marketing or inbound traffic strategies for Amazon, the brand needed an innovative approach to drive sales for its premium product.

Our Solution

  1. Market Insights and Traffic Splits: We conducted a thorough analysis of the market, search terms, and consumer feedback to understand the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for strategic placement. This granular approach allowed us to tailor our tactics to the nuances of the market and the specific needs of our client’s target audience.
  2. Build a Core Branded Term Traffic Pool: Recognizing the power of brand loyalty, we set out to cultivate a unique branded search term that would resonate with our client’s audience. This term was promoted by our DSP assets to create a dedicated pool of brand-loyal customers.
  3. Improve Efficiency and Cost Saving: By leveraging automation tools such as dayparting and auto-bidding, we were able to enhance the efficiency of our campaign management tenfold, ensuring that our efforts were not only effective but also cost-efficient.


The results of our strategic efforts were clear and compelling. The self-created keyword, which started with no ranking, soared to No. 7000 in the Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) rankings. This remarkable rise in visibility directly contributed to the success of the flagship phone, which generated annual sales of $12M. Our client was able to not only maintain their GMV but also create a strong foundation for future growth with their new flagship product.