How Brands Can Spring Forward with Refreshed Marketing Strategies


Spring Cleaning

With Spring around the corner, brands should be looking at ways to optimize their marketing strategies. This is the time to consider your current marketing plans and decide what’s working and what needs a little TLC. The assessment of current inventory is key. What products and services aren’t being used? What isn’t working? As consumers look to spend on seasonal products and services, companies should be prepared to meet the increased demand for seasonal items with new strategies and promotions on hand. 


Freshen up your Mobile Optimization Strategy

This season gives retailers and marketers opportunities to attract new customers and expand their business. Brands looking to create value and drive traffic to e-commerce platforms should update their websites with new designs, visuals and features. A recent study from Statista revealed that 55.4% of Internet users use their mobile phones to purchase products online. By creating a smooth and seamless experience, brands are more likely to increase sales conversions. 

Social media has become a crucial component of effective digital marketing strategies as it has become the most influential virtual place. This is no surprise since people are able to interact with a brand’s content and increase its visibility by liking and sharing posts. A whopping 90% of marketers say their social media marketing efforts have increased the exposure of their business. As a new season emerges, brands need to think about how they can find ways to advance their approach to social media marketing and refresh mobile optimization strategies.  


Organize and Streamline Inventory and Promotions

You know what they say – in order to bring in the new, you have to get rid of the old. Spring cleaning has become a custom that almost everyone participates in. A study revealed in 2021 69% of households partake in spring cleaning every year. This is a major opportunity for retailers as consumers will be purchasing new items as shopping fever begins to grow. 

How can brands use this to their advantage? By creating special deals as well as reorganizing inventory. Since there will be a high shopping surge during this time, it would be a smart idea to implement seasonal promotions. Retailers looking to optimize their inventory should then cross-sell core products to introduce buyers to the full scope of its inventory.

Promotions are a great way to increase customer engagement and develop a more consistent experience for customers while cross-selling motivates consumers to buy a product that complements their purchase. Take for instance, a sporting goods retailer looking to take advantage of the increase in runners enjoying the outdoors as the weather breaks. The retailer should run a promotion on running shoes while cross-selling socks or water bottles. Promotions and cross-selling work hand-in-hand to help a retailer become a one-stop shop for consumers looking for convenience and cost-effectiveness. 


A New Season Calls for New Beginnings

While Spring provides a number of retail opportunities, brands need to think about their strategies and if they are as effective as they could be. During this season, retailers should optimize their social media and mobile strategies to retain and attract current and new customers. By creating new products and promotions coupled with newly refreshed strategies, retailers will be able to not only drive revenue but create brand loyalty.

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