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Vital Proteins

Gained No. 1 category share through proven optimization strategies

Nestle-owned brand Vital Proteins was the leader in collagen products at every retailer except Amazon. We applied our best-in-class capabilities to each aspect of their Amazon business and now they own over 90% of their category share on Amazon.


Elevating a cellphone brand on Amazon amidst product lifecycle challenges

In the highly competitive online marketplace, our client, the fourth largest cellphone brand on Amazon, faced a significant challenge.


Achieving exponential GMV growth with controlled advertising costs

Client needed to scale its operations and revenue without proportionally increasing its advertising spend.

Hu Kitchen

Transforming E-Commerce performance through strategic overhaul

The brand’s e-commerce performance was hindered by a high ad spend that did not translate into proportional RoAS.

Amore Pacific Japan

Powerful brand awareness strategy nets beauty brand Amore Pacific JP 9.8 ROI in 2 months

Amore Pacific JP needed a brand awareness strategy to make competitors green with envy. Here’s how we achieved a 2.8 ROI and then some for them.


Legacy beauty brand Donginbi gets their (Ocean) wings and reaches $300K GMV in Q1

With a detailed strategy and effective brand positioning, we achieved a massive increase in impressions and sales on Amazon for client Donginbi.

“The Anker Oceanwing team offers a breadth of experience and proprietary insight offerings that make them a valuable addition to any organization. It’s action over debating.”

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