Facebook is the world’s largest social networking platform. It is also one of the best precision marketing platforms. Millions of companies have grown their business visibility all over the world, thanks to Facebook. The core positioning based on real user data can accurately identify potential target users, provide diversified and all-around advertising, and deliver product information.

Why Choose Facebook?


2.2 billion users


1.5 billion users


1.3 billion users


1 billion users

Oceanwing Marketing Solutions

According to customer needs, provide customers with media resource cooperation, product launch entry guidance, massive creative material production, build a complete VI system, customize exclusive high-quality marketing communication materials, including content services such as pictures and videos, and bring all-round optimization for advertising. Achieve maximum conversion and effectively increase ROI.

Facebook Performance Ads

Facebook performance advertising service allow customers to find the most accurate users on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Brand Marketing

Extract the core value of the brand, create a differentiated image and tone of the brand, and use Facebook ads to seize the minds of consumers

Facebook Operation management

To help enterprises to carry out refined operation management of Facebook advertising accounts, including advertising budget allocation, strategy building, crowd targeting, real-time monitoring of advertising effects and generation of visual data reports

Content Creative Marketing

Combined with brand image and product tonality, it empowers corporate brand transformation and upgrading in all aspects such as visual shooting, content creation, store optimization, etc., and creates exquisite Facebook ads copy and pictures

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