Easy Tips for How to Leverage Customer reviews to build a Standout Listing

With the explosive eCommerce growth last year, Amazon’s sales reached a new high. Since more and more sellers are joining Amazon, standing out and getting seen with a stellar product listing is even more critical if you want to generate recurring revenue.

The need to optimize your product listings has never been more important.

leverage customer reviews

In 2019, there were 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon. But that number has ballooned to over 9 million active sellers in 2021. With so many new sellers, there’s a lot more noise and a lot more competition in the most popular categories on the eCommerce giant.

The good news? There are also many more customers on Amazon, and you can get a slice of this even bigger pie in a post-pandemic eCommerce landscape.

If you want to be a part of the elite group of sellers who rake in over 1 million in profits, you need insider information on how to create a standout product listing.

Our #1 tip? Leverage customer reviews.

Why customer reviews are the key to creating a standout product listing

Search for the term listing optimization, and you’ll soon find yourself falling down the rabbit hole. It’s difficult to sift through the hundreds of blogs and posts covering this topic for those gems that will actually get you to product listing gold.

Skip all that noise. Get the inside scoop straight from the Amazon masters. That would be us. We’ve hit #1 bestseller status on Amazon for our eCommerce products and our clients time and time again.

These are our secrets for how we leverage customers’ reviews to create those knockout product listings that get the one-click buys.

1: Highlight the strengths and benefits of your listing that customers actually care about

First things first, you want to make a product listing page that attracts your ideal customer. You want to make your listing appealing and clear, so that it signals all of the important information your customer needs to make a buying decision.

Okay, but how? How do you know what information is truly important to your ideal customer?

This is an issue that many eCommerce merchants come up against. It’s easy to brainstorm. But if you’re not a part of your ideal customer group, how do you truly know if your product listing includes the right info that’ll net you a conversion?

Truth is, you don’t. Your customers do.

Good news! They tell you precisely what that information is in the reviews section.

Put your deerstalker hat on. It’s time to do some investigating. Head on over to your reviews and your competitors’ reviews. Find out why people buy, what they want, and what they’d rather avoid.

Customer reviews will help you deduce the structure of the market. You’ll get a clear picture of the performance of players at different rankings. And negative feedback? That’s an opportunity knocking.

We suggest investigating at least 10 listings before crafting yours.

Here’s how we do it:

Last year, we helped a nutrition brand manage their Amazon sales. When working on listing optimization for one of their capsule products, we found that a common issue for competitors is the size of the capsule is too big to swallow.

So, we designed an extra picture showing our client’s capsule size (which was small and user-friendly) and highlighted it.

A small change could make a big difference. Combined with other services, we helped our clients reach #1 seller in their category in one month.

2: Address and assuage common objections and doubts

When customers check out your product listings and find something unclear about the product, they won’t bother asking questions. They’re going to simply walk away and go to a competitor.

Don’t let your competitors win!

Let’s say you wanted to buy some PJs on Amazon. You’ll check the photo showing how the model wears it. But you’ll also check out other details, like is the material soft and breathable enough?

Without a listing picture showing the necessary details, you won’t buy the product. You’ll head over to a different listing that makes it easy for you to find the information you need.

A good listing should make the customer stay on your product page, get the info they need to purchase, and place their order. An optimized listing will significantly increase your conversion rates and increase sales numbers.

So, how can you know what’s confusing or unclear for customers in your listing? Customer reviews tell all again.

When you analyze the customer reviews, focus on complaints, specifically, confusion. Sometimes, the complaint could seem trivial to you. But it’s strong enough to push your customers away. Next step is to prevent these complaints in the future by making your listings clear and concise.

Here’s how we do it:

Our client sold protein powders on Amazon. We found that a lot of customers left reviews complaining that the powder didn’t fill the bottle. Their concern was the actual product was less than the capacity shown in the listing.

Actually, the bottle was much larger than the amount of powder inside. The extra space inside the bottle was there so the spoon would have enough room to get the required powder dosage.

So, we designed a picture to explain this misunderstanding and solved the problem:

The little things are worth mentioning. With our support, the client doubled their sales on Amazon in six months.

3: Keep making improvements

Leveraging customer reviews for listing optimization won’t just enhance your sales. It’s also crucial for using the VOC (voice of customer) for making improvements to product design.

After setting up your Amazon listings, you still need to keep improving the product — especially new releases. This will enhance your product’s future, long-term success.

Here’s how we did it:

One of our clients was selling gummy products. Based on reviews, we found that customers didn’t think the candy was soft enough and this needed addressing. We also helped another client change a product flavor unpopular with customers.

The result for both clients was improved customer relations and improved product designs. It’s critical to long-term success on Amazon to continuously improve products via direct feedback from your customers.

But wait. Isn’t product improvement a long process involving different departments?

In that case, how can you see such quick sales results? Because product improvement doesn’t always have to apply to the big stuff. Remember, it’s the little things that often matter the most.

For example, we had a client who sold bottled beverages on Amazon. Their standard package included 12 bottles in a single flavor. Based on our research into customer reviews, we advised the client to change to six bottles a pack with different flavors.

So you see, the client didn’t have to completely change their product, add new flavors, or come up with an entirely new design. They took existing products, but packaged them differently based on customer feedback.

Get your products flying off the shelf with wings from Oceanwing

Optimizing your product listings is only the start of a lucrative journey. As both your business and the Amazon platform continue to change, the best sales-focused approach and Amazon optimization strategy will continue to change as well.

Get dynamic and customized Amazon optimization services from the experts. Contact us today and let’s get you a bestseller badge.

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  1. Customers prefer to see a large number of reviews. An opinion is formed by a single review with a few nice words, but a consensus is formed by a few dozen reviews that all say the same thing. More reviews are better, according to one study, and customers need at least 40 reviews to trust an average star rating. A few reviews, on the other hand, are preferable than none.

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