Case Study: How we brought Beekeeper’s Naturals to the #1 Best Seller on Prime Day 2022 and kept it there

According to a third-party estimate, this year’s Amazon Prime Day delivered grossed more than $12 billion in sales, marking it the biggest Prime Day event in Amazon’s history. Amazon reports show more than 300 million items were sold during those two days. This is a wonderful opportunity for brands to realize their potential, and we are pleased to announce that we helped a lot of those clients not only reach Best Seller status but make record sales! 

Among those brands, Beekeeper’s Naturals hit record-setting sales! After implementing our full-funnel marketing and ad strategy in less than 2 months, they won the #1 Best Seller in the Cold & Flu Medicine category during Prime Day, and have lasted over 10 days! 

We found the Beekeeper’s case-study is common for many brands — has potential but lacks the capability to manage a full-funnel eCommerce strategy, and therefore, losing the opportunity to become the #1 Best Seller in their category. 

Here’s how we did based on Anker’s 10-year successful experiences on Amazon:


The Brand

Beekeeper’s Naturals provides ‘clean medicine from the hive’ that supports the immune system with products that include all-natural throat sprays, cough syrups, supplements, and more. Before working with us, they were ranking in the Top 10 with good ratings. They wanted to dominate the market but struggled to grow further.  


The Challenge

After an in-depth analysis, we found that they were lacking a comprehensive full-funnel marketing strategy that aligned and integrated all of the channels together. 

Our market research determined the company had great potential so we set an aggressive goal for them: to reach the #1 Best Seller and dominate their category. To make this goal possible, we needed to overcome three main barriers they were facing:

  1. Scattered eCommerce and marketing strategies that were not unified with their goals
  2. Short-term focused ads that sacrificed long-term opportunities for growth
  3. Inefficient keywords planning and implementation


The Solution

Once Oceanwing’s team of experts got on board, we applied our state-of-the-art, full-funnel marketing and ad management service which consists of:

  • Step 1 Complete Traffic Analysis

Based on this analysis, we found the gap between their competitors and reallocated their budget, investing in channels that guaranteed the highest conversion rate. 

  • Step 2 Reset Amazon Sponsored Ads and DSP strategy and expanded on the brand’s full marketing potential.

Prior to working with us, their ad strategy to reach their ROAS goals was to limit keywords. While this process can work, it’s a shortsighted strategy that significantly compromised their potential for long-term profits. 

Our team redesigned their keyword strategy and carefully managed Sponsored Ads and DSP in unison which increased the full-funnel reach and instantly exposed them to a broader customer base.

  • Step 3 Monitoring all channels simultaneously

After discovering that different channels were operating separately, we worked as a central hub to combine and manage them together, including deal site campaigns, branding, and marketing activities. And more importantly, accurately matching with their inventory status. 

For example, when influencer marketing made a campaign for a certain product, we would integrate the ad strategy and listing information for that certain product during that period to optimize its full potential. 


The Results

After onboarding, and in less than 2 months, we achieved incredible success on this year’s Prime Day!

  1. The Propolis Throat Spray earned the #1 Best Seller badge on the 1st day of Prime Day and is still in effect.
  2. Prime Day 2-day sales increased over 500% YoY.
  3. Optimized their ACOS by 22% in just 2 weeks.
  4. Amazon Sponsored Ads ROAS reached 3.08.

Oceanwing’s full-funnel ad strategy promised and delivered success on this year’s Prime Day and we’re poised and ready to help more brands reach their full sales potential! 

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